With your self-cleaning litter box, pine pelleted litters will work even more effectively, with less mess, less waste, and easier clean ups.

All Pine Litter Box





1. Place a handful or two of pellets in the bottom tray. This is to absorb the urine that might get through the pellets with the first use.

All Pine Litter Box




2. Put one to two inches of pine pellets in the top box with the holes. Scoop and dispose of the fecal matter as often as possible. Shake the box so that the sawdust falls through the holes into the bottom tray.

All Pine Litter Box




3. You may dump the sawdust from the holding tray as often as you like. However, the pellets will last longer if you leave the sawdust in the tray until it is full. The sawdust may be composted, used as mulch, or put in the trash.

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® Litter Box feel so confident you will love our revolutionary new product lines, we will support it with a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee.

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All Pine Self-Cleaning Litter Box is manufactured for and distributed by FPLB, Inc., which is solely responsible for the product.

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